Ithaca Resturant Manchester

Ithaca Menu.

Food Menu

The food is exquisitely prepared modern Japanese cuisine and includes dishes like Fois Gras and Unagi (freshwater eels), a delicious entrée which simply must be tasted to be believed. Soft shell crab with sweet potatoes in hot and sour dressing is a beautiful delicacy and with just the right amount of kick to make you take a real interest, and another house speciality is Wagyu Beef Carpaccio. It’s not exaggeration to say it’s worth a trip to this restaurant just to try this dish alone.

There are outstanding sushi and sashimi and maki rolls, all made with the finest ingredients - Cho Toro tuna, caviar, boneless braised quail, and King Crab.

All the food was prepared under the excellent supervision of Head Chef Nasser Laziri, who in his 12 years in the kitchen has worked in top London restaurants Zuma and Nozomi.

The service is impeccable and knowledgeable with waiters marshalled and taught by experienced Operations Director; Mr Jonathan Sassen.

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Drinks Menu

There are some fiendishly seductive cocktails on the menu.

The wonderfully fun Project Ako, a series of neon coloured and exotic fruit slings using Kasugai sweets from Japan, or the exquisite Pascha, a sling full of red berries El Dorado 3 rum, luxury French liqueur and some amazing red toffee cherries. And for the more adventurous, the superb Blood and Cuts, which uses luxury Japanese Nikka whiskey and Ume Plum Liqueur and is served up with a succulent beef fillet.

All told Ithaca is a first rate venue with the sort of quality that hasn’t been seen in Manchester for quite some time.

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